Innovative Therapy

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Upland Rehabilitation & Care Center

Through continuing education our physical and occupational therapists apply the latest research in order to tap into the art of caring for each patient’s unique needs. We work with each patient, their family, and their healthcare provider to determine the best care and treatment plan to help each patient achieve their best.

In-House Therapy

Therapy Designed Just For You

Because we know each patient is unique with specific requirements, we customize our in-house therapy program to meet all individual needs. Our therapy team collaborates with the patient’s physician to create a unique vision and treatment plan for each resident. We can even provide specialized equipment to aid in treatment.

Our in-house therapy team works full time – no outside contractors or agencies — in order to promote a strong and ongoing relationship between patients and their therapists. Having the same therapy team working with each patient on a daily basis is necessary to reach optimal results as each patient’s plan is progressive and personalized.

Our Holistic Approach

Our therapists provide ongoing education and training to other disciplines to ensure the continuity of care between therapy and nursing. This is part of our holistic approach to caregiving, as the several disciplines in the facility work together with one goal in mind: resident comfort and health.

A Passion for the Art of Caring

Our therapy team is passionate about bringing the latest techniques and programs to both our short-term patients and long-term residents. Through continuing education our physical and occupational therapists apply the latest research to improve balance and reduce fall-risk. They also utilize therapeutic modalities within their comprehensive therapy program in order to strengthen, perform balance training, reduce pain, encourage wound healing, combat urinary incontinence, and increase range of motion.

In addition, we have therapists certified in specialty areas of practice such as:
• Wound Care
• Neurological Conditions
• Electrical Stimulation For Swallowing Dysfunction
• Lymphedema
• Pulmonary Programs
• Speech-language Therapy

At the heart of our therapy programs is a deep appreciation for, and understanding of, the special needs of our more mature patients. This goes beyond the science and research in order to tap into the art of caring for these unique needs.

The Rehab Team

Working Together for You

Our rehab team consists of physical therapists (PT), physical therapy assistants (PTA), occupational therapists (OT), certified occupational therapy assistants (COTA), a speech and language pathologist (SLP), and a rehab aide/technician, who work together based on the individual needs of each patient.

The physical Therapist assesses and treats impairments in strength and function that occur as a result of injury, disease, age-related degeneration, or environmental factors. Physical therapy treatments are performed by the physical therapist, or a physical therapy assistant who treats under the direction of the supervising physical therapist.

The Occupational Therapist assesses the impact that a decline in function has in the patients’ ability to participate in their life by performing everyday tasks such as dressing and bathing, or being able to return to work or engage in previous hobbies. Occupational therapy treatments are performed by the OT (or a COTA working under the direction of the supervising OT).

The Speech and Language Pathologist assesses language, cognition, and swallowing dysfunction.

These three disciplines work together along with nursing, social services, activities, the business office, families, caregivers, and local communities to assess functional potential and collaborate on the unique goals for every short-term patient and many long-term residents.

Your Family

Family members are essential contributors to this interdisciplinary rehab team as they provide the background and detail of their loved one’s life to incorporate into our plan of care.

While in our facility, every patient is given the best care possible. Because all of our rehab therapists are in-house (rather than outside contractors), our relationship with our patients and residents is superior. Our therapists and nurses work together as a team and, due to the continuity of their care, a strong trust is built. There is comfort in knowing that the same smiling face will be there to help them through their rehab each day.

Integrated Cognitive Program

Our integrated cognitive program combines a standardized functional cognitive assessment with our patients’ “life footprint” to help us develop a comprehensive understanding of each individual under our care. After assessing the patient’s functional cognitive level, we overlay this assessment with a comprehensive “background inventory” that includes relevant details of the patient’s daily life. By matching these two data sets in a meaningful way, we can better tailor individualized therapy programs to the patient’s unique needs. We can also reduce the stress and anxiety of being in a new place for either short-term rehabilitation or a permanent residence. The Integrated Cognitive Program is also instrumental in setting up the best care for our patients with Alzheimer’s Disease.

The Return Home

Anticipating Your Every Need

We strive to work with each patient, their family, and their healthcare provider to determine the best care and treatment plan. When the goal is to return home, we explore every detail about our patients’ prior living arrangements. Family members are encouraged to participate in the therapy care so that they can help their loved one prepare for discharge. We frequently perform a “home assessment” which we use to develop a custom-designed rehab program that prepares our patients for any particular challenges they might experience once they get home.

When the plan is to stay in our facility once the therapy program is complete, we make sure that we work side-by-side with our nursing staff so that our residents can continue to function at their highest possible level to preserve their independence and participation. We continue to do ongoing screenings after completion of their program to make sure that our residents are maintaining their abilities at the best possible level.